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September 19, 2017

Ninchat is proud to participate in Vertical 2017 fall batch.
Vertical is the first Nordic digital health and wellness startup accelerator. It runs a four-month accelerator program twice a year in Helsinki, Finland.

On August, with eight other innovative startups, we began a 4-month acceleration program at Vertical. Together with partners such as Samsung, The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and Fazer, we will be revolutionising digital health as you know it.

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Ninchat Sessions #2


Ninchat Sessions #2 was held in the beginning of June, here at Maria 0-1 hub, Helsinki. 
We would like to thank everyone for your participation and attendance at our event! We had a lovely evening and enjoyable show.

October 21, 2016

Ninchat Sessions #1

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On September 13th, we hosted the first Ninchat Sessions at Maria 0-1 Startup Hub, Helsinki.
The event brings together the people creating digital transformation, across different industries.

We were happy to hear about customer care chat experiences and success stories from 

- The Dutch Police  -  A case how the Dutch Police is building an online community where the police & young adults meet frequently around contemporary topics.
- Terveystalo  -  How the largest healthcare service company in Finland is using secure, cross platform chat in OmaTerveys web and mobile applications.
- Aurinkomatkat  -  A case how  the largest package tour agency in Finland is digitalizing their travel experience using new Aurinkomatkat mobile app that allows customers to chat with destination guides before, during and after the trip.
- Swica  -  A case how one of the leading health and accident insurers in Switzerland, a leading Swiss health insurance company, is transforming its sales in a distributed operational environment.

New Ninchat features were also presented, including audio & video chat, predefined canned messages, conversations tags, notes and a glimpse to the upcoming Ninchat design update.

Thank you for all participants and see you next time!

Antti and Ville talking about new Ninchatfeatures


May 24, 2016

Use Ninchat like a pro on desktop!

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Here's a little tutorial post for you.

You may be happy running Ninchat in your favourite browser, but did you now there are ways to make your team communication and handling of customer service chat queues even better?

We gathered a few tips for more advanced use of Ninchat for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer users.

Run Ninchat like a desktop application (Chrome)

If you're a Chrome user, you can use Ninchat like a desktop application. The desktop application runs in its own window, separate from the browser. It can be pinned to Windows taskbar and Start menu, so you can quickly access and start Ninchat at any time and you don't have to find it amongst the browser tabs.

Here's how to do it: Go to Ninhat App page on Chrome Web store: and click "Add to Chrome".

2) After installing the app, you will find Ninchat in your Chrome Apps: chrome://apps
Open the apps page and right-click the Ninchat icon. Select it to "Open as a window" and then again right-click and select "Create shortcuts..."

This will create Ninchat "application shortcut" to your desktop and Ninchat opens in its own window. As said, you can pin Ninchat to your taskbar and Start menu to quickly access Ninchat.
The desktop application works otherwise just like in browser - notifications and other functions work fine.


Pin and auto-start Ninchat tab (Firefox)

While Firefox does not have desktop application feature like Chrome, you can pin the Ninchat tab to the browser and keep Ninchat always open and just a click away. Pinned tab is small and can't be closed by accident, and it's automatically open when you start Firefox.

How to do it: Open Ninchat in Firefox and right-click the tab and select "Pin Tab".

That's it. Now you see the Ninchat tab small on the left. It also shows a notification icon when something happens in Ninchat.


Pin Ninchat to Windows taskbar (Internet Explorer)

Here's a cool tip for Internet Explorer (IE) users! While the browser lacks the support for desktop notifications, we have something similar for you.

Instructions: IE allows you to create kind of similar desktop applications from websites. Open in IE and click the Tools menu (gear icon). Select "Add site to apps" and in the following popup window, click "Add".

Ninchat then opens up in a new window and you will see Ninchat in the Windows taskbar. Right-click the taskbar element and select "Pin to taskbar". This way you can quickly access and start Ninchat from there at any time. You can now also find Ninchat from the Windows Start menu.

The cool part: Taskbar element also works as a notifier. When you don't have Ninchat open and customer enters a chat queue, the Ninchat bar starts to blink and you will instantly notice the customer!

(Please note that the newer Edge browser, that ships with Windows 10, does not have this feature yet. But you can still start Internet Explorer from Edge's menu, and do this with it.)


Set audio and desktop notifications

Even if you stick with a normal browser, remember to enable audio and desktop notifications for Ninchat (the latter available in Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers). Notifications allow you to instantly react to new messages, customers in chat queue, etc. - even when you are not looking at Ninchat window.

To do this, go to User Settings. Click the Notifications tab. To use desktop notifications, you may need to first enable the feature for your browser. Click Enable. Follow additional instructions if necessary.

Now you can set notifications for wanted events. When a notification event occurs, Ninchat plays a sound and / or shows a notification box on your desktop when you don't have Ninchat window active.

That's it. We hope these tips make your Ninchat usage even better!

If you any questions about Ninchat, just click the chat buttons on the bottom right.
We are happy to help :)

October 12, 2015

Another prize for team Ninchat in 2015. This week Ville travelled to Barcelona for Pathways White Bull summits event along with other Finnish startups.

At Pathways was held also 2015 Bully Awards, where White Bull and a panel of renowned industry analysts, journalists and experts honor bright tech stars demonstrating excellence in innovation, leadership, and growth potential.

And we got awarded in the Young Bulls category that honors early stage companies! We are very excited about the recognition of Ninchat as a Young Bull. Being a small but fast growing company winning helps us to spread the Ninchat & real-time messaging revolution further. Thank you all jury members and the White Bull Summits!

Earlier this year we have already won the Best Online Ad category and Honorary award for Best UX Design at Grand One 2015, the leading Finnish digital competition. In Nordic Startup Awards Finland 2015 we were awarded as the winner of Best Bootstrapped category.

Other Finnish companies did well too. Kiosked, Repack, Smarpshare, Soil Teicos, Pharma Scout and Tespack were among the winners. Congrats to all!

Finnish delegation at Barcelona

February 25, 2015

Grand One competition is the leading annual competition for new successful digital campaigns and products in Finland.

Ninchat was used by our business partners in their competition entries, here are the six Ninchat use cases in the Grand One competition 2015. Ninchat is a flexible communication platform suitable for all forms of customer communication.

Would you like to use Ninchat in your organization? Check out a 2 minute video about our use cases:

Are you interested in learning more about how Ninchat can help you to improve your site visitor engagement and customer satisfaction while increasing sales and simultaneously decreasing costs?

Send us a message at

1. VEIKKAUS (Finland's National Lottery)

How Ninchat was used: We got an idea that Ninchat could be embedded inside a web/mobile ad-banner and take it to popular sites. We got together with Veikkaus and TBWA and made a Eurojackpot themed campaign where popular Finnish rap-superstar 'Elastinen' was live chatting about dreams: What are your dreams, what would you do if you won 26M€?.

Ninchat was embedded for 60 minutes in the front page of, and

Link to the competition entry:

2. SLUSH mobile app Live Help Desk by Ninchat

How Ninchat was used: Slush used Ninchat for the event customer communication. Ninchat was embedded inside SLUSH Android, iOS and WP apps, and on the SLUSH website to enable public customer support wall, private 1-1 discussions and live stage feeds. During the 3 conference days over 800 customers were served.

Link to the competition entry:

More Info about Ninchat & SLUSH:

3.  YLE #A2-ILTA

How Ninchat was used: Yle A2-ilta is a national prime time TV-debate show about controversial topics. Ninchat was used in open journalism / public A2-ilta planning live chats between the journalists & audience on the YLE website before the event. Ninchat was also used to engage YLE site visitors during the live show sessions and to crowdsource for ideas against school bullying.

Link to the competition entry:

4. OTHER / YLE #Kisahuuto

How Ninchat was used: Ninchat provided live customer engagement during the Olympics. Ninchat was embedded into Kisahuuto's front page.

Link to the competition entry:

5. OTHER / YLE #Kysysuoraan

How Ninchat was used: Ninchat was a core communication element that allowed live discussion in the anti-racism campaign. Ninchat was embedded into front page. Discussion topics were quite provocative and sensitive, thus Ninchat's flexible anti-troll & moderation features were very valuable while managing the discussion.

Link to the competition entry:

6. REAKTOR / HELLOWORLDOPEN Coding Competition

How Ninchat was used: Ninchat provided embedded chat into Hello World Open competitor dashboard. Chat was used by the competitors and competition hosts. Ninchat created a feeling of community into the application.

Link to competition entry:

December 9, 2014

Slush is the leading startup event in the Nordics that gathered over 14.000 startups and investors for a massive 2 days of all-around activities around entrepreneurship in Helsinki, Finland.  

Ninchat provided Slush 2014 (November 2014, with a turnkey set of communication tools: mobile-app 'help' button, live customer service tools, pitch-feedback channel and live-chat for the webstreams and mobile app. 

Ninchat was used on the Slush website, mobile site and inside Slush mobile apps (iOS, Android, WP).

Slush CTO Markus Järvinen comments, "By using Ninchat our volunteer team was able to react faster and solve problems even before they escalated. Having a help desk on the Slush website and inside our mobile app was very efficient way to serve the event exhibitors and visitors. We are very happy to recommend Ninchat for any cross platform communication need."

Slush volunteer team served 800 customer requests during the event. 300 customer issues were solved already before the main event started on Tuesday.  

Ninchat on the Slush mainpage.

Mobile App helpdesk
Live group chat in the Slush app
Mobile app helpdesk

By adding live-communication tools on site Slush was able to build better customer relationship with the event visitors, react faster and gain valuable real time feedback on the event visitor needs. Over 6000 messages were written by the visitors.

Ninchat statistics
Slush volunteer team served amazing 93% of help requests. About 800 customers were helped during the 3-day event. Already before the first  (Tuesday 9am) event day 300 problems had been solved.

Slush volunteer team training to use Ninchat.
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